In Business, Writing Well is a Necessity

In Business, Writing Well is a Necessity

Its not enough to do a good job. You must also give performances to do a good job. Thats why writing good is so important. Writing well is not an addition to your professional skills. It is a central part of it. Your writing must communicate with you doing a good job. Many who read your reports will never meet you. Nevertheless, they have strong influences over your career. Their only view of you is through your scriptures.

Because only your fonts are available to them, the writing must be outstanding. You are outstanding. Your writing must reflect it.

What are we trying to achieve when writing? The American novelist Robert Stone said it best What you try to do while writing is to massage the reader out of his own space and take it with you, with a good thing. You try to take over his sensitivity and deliver an experience that concerns them only from just information.

Writing is thinking of paper. Anyone with a clear logical sense can write well. You have such a mind or you would not be here. Writing well is a three-step process. And youve already mastered the first two.


Without knowledge, you can not convince anyone to do anything. Our knowledge tends to be unorganized. We learned a little bit here, a little bit and much from anywhere else. Its all good things but gathered and then stored in a random high, so to speak.


You must draw a logical course that leads the reader from A to B to C to your conclusion. Do not worry about the verb at this stage. Just have the logical sequence pronounced Punctual, broken sentences, anything. Your readers do not tolerate your logical migration. You can not be like the man who left the horse back. His friend said, Its remarkable. Youve visited all these wonderful places, but youre just riding your horse back. How are you? Oh, thats easy, he replied, I just want to go where the horse wants to go.


This is what we consider to be Writing, putting the words on paper. The task is to control and comfort the reader. At the end of each sentence, they must feel its meaningless, its logical, it was easy to understand, I keep reading. The fact is that it writes and thinks. The tough part is the thinking. What is the next logical step? Think. What is the reader waiting for next? Think. Is what I said what I meant? Think.

Do not expect to write and do not have to rewrite, rewrite and rewrite. If you think you can write without having to fine-tune it, your readers will surely be in trouble. Many readers will not care to finish reading it. How many times have you started reading an article and stopped reading it? Not because the subject was boring but because the story was wandering, it was confusing or difficult to read.

Searching for errors, roadblocks, and poor opinion structure makes it difficult and time consuming. Its so easy to be ambiguous. Its so easy to say that badly. My favorite example of ambiguity is a managers memo requesting a list of all employees by gender.

For some, writing is a job, for others, fun. I can not change it. Writing well will not change it. You are who you are. To me, I think writing hard and time-consuming but very funny.


You are paid to be an authority. You are paid to make a decision.

If you are not an authority on what to write, put the pen down until you are. Its so simple. With all the simple things there is a trick. We do not have to be an authority on everything. Just an authority on what to write. I do not mean much. I mean to be a true authority on the very narrow topic.

If you use a chemical, you know everything about it. Who discovered it? What, why, and when is important. Feel the history of the subject. Feel all of todays applications. Its a narrow topic so its not hard. Presenting a story in your report shows your knowledge. It reinforces your implied claim to be an authority.

Think of this short statement.

Mercury was first confirmed as a poison when the strange behavior of filthmakers was investigated. It was discovered that they were poisoned with mercury used in filming. The nervous Mad Hatter in Alices Adventures in Wonderland is a pretty accurate picture of a person suffering from nerve damage as caused by mercury exposure.

What does this short statement mean by the reader?

Just to know this, you must be an authority. The risk label is well deserved and not just a danger promoted by any activist. And most importantly, readers do not bother me as I say. I will fight if you challenge me.

Passive voice is a grammatical term for an action statement that makes verbs gentle. Use verbs that transfer an image. Smash, release, break, poison, gives positive images of the action.

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